be still be quiet (bestill) wrote in polaroid_669,
be still be quiet

How to Convert Old Polaroids (folding land cameras) to take different batteries

It's easy! Anyone can do it. Here's how to convert it to take three 1.5 volt batteries. You need 3 single holders for the batteries, the batteries, wire cutters/strippers & electrical tape. I bought the battery holders & batteries at Radio Shack.

Converting old polaroid to use 1.5v batteries
The 3 single holders with batteries will fit nicely into the compartment. When closing the compartment, be sure not to catch any of the wires.

Converting old polaroid to use 1.5v batteries
Note: you can cut the wires to be shorter between the batteries.
You can see mine needs to be retaped. I did this about 3 years ago. I taped the batteries into the holders to keep them in and keep a good connection.
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you're my new hero.
Glad you can use the info.
You want 6volts, not 7.5..

Much easier way, get a 2 battery holder (AAA) for radioshak, and wire that in, works great.
I'm not sure where you got the 7.5 volts from. The original battery for this was #531, which is 4.5 volts. So 3 x 1.5v = 4.5 volts.
This is awesome . . . do you know of any FAQ sites or anything like that on the basics of actually using the old polaroids? I have about 10 of them and dont really know where to start. Thanks for the battery info, its a good start for me.
The land list has tons of info on polaroids--even step by step on how to load the land cameras: